On the Project Meditation website, Michael Mackenzie states that within 8 minutes you will begin to feel the pleasure of happy endorphins and anti-ageing hormones flowing through your mind and body.

Bold claims… right?

Well, from my own personal experience I have to say that statement is not far off the mark. I find that my mind calms down noticeably within the first 15 minutes, and is accompanied by pleasurable feelings and a sense of contentment while listening to LifeFlow meditation.

LifeFlow is a systematic brainwave entrainment program, designed to take you through successively ‘deeper’ audio tracks which develop & grow your mind, fostering ‘whole brain thinking’ or ‘whole brain synchronization’. Whole brain thinking is when the two hemispheres of our brain, left and right, work in harmony with each other. This produces unrivalled concentration with a strong sense of peace & fulfillment.

I was initially attracted to The LifeFlow Meditation system because of how the price compared with other brainwave entrainment programs on the market. If you have done any research in this area then you know what I am talking about. I was also currently using another program of a much higher investment price.

You may be interested to hear that meditation has now been scientifically proven help you to decrease stress/anxiety & improve mental clarity & focus. Sounds like something everyone could use more of if you ask me!

If you are short on time:

I use LifeFlow meditation for several purposes: If I am having a restless night and unable to get to sleep, listening to my audio track will, 9 times out of 10, calm me down and allow me to drift off to sleep. I use it to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work and I only need to listen to the track for 20mins to produce the desired effect. The full 40min length of the track is perfect when I want to go into a deep meditation/reflection state.

I highly recommend getting AT LEAST the first track and experimenting with that. If you are anything like me and have trouble winding down sometimes, this will benefit you immensely. While you can continue on with the rest of the program, my advice is to grab the first track and see how you go.


Lifeflow consists of 10 Levels, separated into ten 40min audio tracks (mp3s). These tracks can be instatly downloaded and played through any electronic mp3 device such as a computer, ipod etc. No special equipment is required on your part. Simply download and you are good to go!

The LifeFlow Mediation download has TWO Price options:

1) Instant mp3 download. $67 each track (10 in total)   *30 day money back guarantee*
2) You can also order the complete box set (physical CDs)   *1 year money back guarantee*

Product Features: LifeFlow incorporates three different wave forms: “Binaural” beats “Monaural” and “Isochronic” tones which creates wider variety of benefits and uses.

Bonus tracks:

1) Creative Flow – $67 value – This track claims to “guide you into an enjoyable and inspiring theta brainwave state associated with enhanced creativity”. From my own experience, I quite like this track and have used it frequently while performing day to day tasks that require extra creativity. optimal learning - lifeflow meditation

2) Optimal Learning – $67 value – This track claims “You will increase retention and learn with much less mental effort”. I personally have used this track while studying to increase my focus and attention.


I hope you find value in this LifeFlow Mediation review because it continues to work very well for me. Anytime I feel stressed or over stimulated, I plug in my mp3 player and just listen to a track. Sometimes I lie down and sometimes I am busy around the house. Either way, it has a profound affect on my state of being. LifeFlow has an affordable price tag and the tracks are instantly downloadable so there is now waiting time. I recommend 9 out of 10 for LifeFlow Meditation!